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Your local dog walking service in Cambridge

Regular exercise is an essential for the health and well-being of a happy dog. Here at Countryside Dog Walker we recognise that sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find the time to give your dog the quality of a walk they truly deserves – That’s where we come in!

Group Dog Walks

Our group dog walks are fun and interactive, and surely the favourite service we offer! We walk in carefully selected groups allowing for safe socialisation with other dogs, but also allows us to to give the individual attention your dog deserves! Group walks are 60 minutes long, with collection and drop off time either side of the walk (dogs are usually out of the house for approximately 2 hours).

We always ensure that your pet is left with clean, dry paws and fresh drinking water.

Monday - Friday
1 Hour Walk:                                   

£15.00 (+ £8.00 per extra dog per household)

Saturday - Sunday & Bank Holidays
1 Hour Walk:
£22.50 (+ £12.00 per extra dog per household)

We have limited availability for solo walks, but if you require this, please still feel free to get in touch (prices start from £18.00)

Pet Visits

We make a visit to your home and can do anything from puppy care, feeding, letting you pet outside or going for a 5 minute walk, administering medicine or just having some company! If you require something not listed above, please do not hesitate to ask. We aim to meet all needs, within reason. Remember, we aren't just limited to dogs. We can help with your cats as well as other small pets like hamsters and rabbits too!

Monday - Friday
20 Minute Visit:

Saturday - Sunday & Bank Holidays
20 Minute Visit:

Pet Sitting: Overnight Stays

We offer an overnight pet-sitting service. Services are the same as day time pet visits, only we will spend the night with your pets, at your home. This massively reduces the stress on your pet compared to that of staying in a kennel or even with a friend. An overnight stay includes a one hour walk.

Prices start at £45.00 per night, which includes a 30 minute morning or evening walk. Additional walks are charged at a discounted rate.

Monday - Saturday
Overnight; 8pm-8am:                


Sunday & Bank Holidays
Overnight; 8pm-8am:


Dog Training

Coming Soon!

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