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All breeds catered for - giant and small

From Daschunds to Danes, Shih Tzus to Shepherds, and every Spaniel in between... 
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Send your dog on adventures with a new group of pals

Give them a proper adventure!

Our group walks last for 60 minutes, plus pick-up and travel time.

A perfect group dynamic

All dogs are assigned carefully to keep everyone safe and happy.

We deliver the full service

We'll collect your dog and return them with clean, dry paws and a full water bowl.

You and your pet are in safe hands

Our walkers and sitters are trained, insured and DBS certified.

Small and well formed groups

Groups are kept small to ensure each dog gets our full care and attention.

Tasty, healthy treats included

Dogs only! And as far as their diet and allergies allow.

How to get started

Step 1

Contact us below and we'll get back to you in out-of-walk hours

Step 4

We take your dog for a walk to see how they will behave in a group

Step 2

Talk to us by email or telephone about you and your dog's needs

Step 5

We'll find your group and get settled with a two-week trial

Step 3

Arrange a meeting at home for you, your dog, and your walker

Step 6

Everyone's happy?
Welcome to the gang!

Contact us

Preferred contact
Interested in
Days required

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

Pet services

It can be tough finding the time to give your dog the adventurous walk they deserve. Our group dog walks are the best way to meet their daily needs for exercise and socialisation.

60-minute group walk

Your dog will be out of the house from 90 to 120 minutes including travel


Additional dog

Lucky enough to care for more than one dog in your household?


Solo walks (Coming soon)

Ideal for dogs unsuited to group adventures


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We also organise home visits for puppy care, administering medication, letting in/out, a five minute walk, or company overnight.

Weekday visit

20 minute visit including short walk


Weekend visit

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays


Weekday overnight sitting

8pm-8am stay including two short walks


Weekend overnight sitting

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays


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"Vikki has been walking our dogs for several years now. They are always happy to go for their outings and come back well socialised and exercised. It’s the sweetest thing when they bump into their doggy friends from their walkies!"

Taryn, Bertie and Elsie

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